Annual General Meeting

The 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held at the Museum on Saturday November 18 at 10.00 am.

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Agenda for the 37th Annual General Meeting of Queenscliffe Maritime Museum Inc. will be as follows:


Saturday, 18 November, 2017


9.30am for commencement 10.00am


 Declare the 37Th Annual General Meeting Open – President John Barrett

Ordinary Business.

·         To confirm the Minutes of the 36th Annual General Meeting of Queenscliffe Maritime Museum Inc. held on October 8th, 2016 – President John Barrett.

·         To receive from the President the 2016-2017 Annual Report.

·         To receive and consider the Treasurer’s Report and the Financial Statement of the Association for the year ended June 30, 2017 pursuant to the provisions of Section 30 (3) of the Associations Incorporations Act 1981 and Clause 9 of the new Association Rules and the Report of the Auditor thereon – Treasurer John Burgess

·         To appoint Lindsay Broadbent of B G O Accounting and Business Solutions as Auditor – Treasurer John Burgess.

Special Business.

·         To consider the proposed changes to the Statement of Purposes and Statement of Rules as recommended by the Committee of Management – Secretary Neville Barwick

Return to Ordinary Business.

·         To elect members to the Committee: (Half of the Committee of Management retire each year – if the previous Business Item is resolved in the affirmative – it is necessary to fill six places on the Committee).

·         President John Barrett hands the conduct of this Item to Deputy Mayor Borough of Queenscliffe - Cr. Susan Salter

·         Members of the current Committee of Management eligible for re-election whose terms expire in 2017 are: John Barrett; Les Irving-Dusting; Val Lawrence.

·         Member co-opted by the Committee of Management since the 36th AGM and eligible for election – Jenn Edwick Assistant Secretary.

·         Members from whom nominations have been received are:

o   Greg Wane – Nominated by Les Irving-Dusting / seconded by June Negri

o   Jenn Edwick – Nominated by Neville Barwick / seconded by Colin White

o   John Barrett – Nominated by Tony Cavanagh / seconded by Les Irving-Dusting

o   John Barry – Nominated by Neville Barwick / seconded by John Barrett

o   Les Irving-Dusting – Nominated by John Beazley / seconded by June Negri

o   Martin Warneke – Nominated by John Barrett / seconded by Les Irving-Dusting

o   Robert Ian Styles – Nominated by John Barrett / seconded by Neville Barwick

o   Val Lawrence – Nominated by Neville Barwick / Seconded by Colin White

·         There being more than six nominations, an election will be held. Voting Forms will be distributed and scrutineers appointed at the meeting.

·         Announcement of Committee Election results – Cr. Susan Salter


At the conclusion of official business, Les Irving-Dusting will deliver the Capt. Ray Schutt Memorial Address, based on “From Queenscliff to the Goldfields” – the personal diary of John Clark Junior


Close the Meeting – Cr. Susan Salter.

Elected Committee members will meet immediately after this meeting to appoint Office Bearers for the coming year.

Neville Barwick



Members who are unable to attend are entitled to appoint another financial member as a proxy by notice received by the Honorary Secretary 24 hours prior to the advertised time for the meeting.

Forms are available from the Museum Office.

Proxies and Committee nominations must be lodged using the required forms, available from Hon Secretary Neville Barwick, at the Museum, 2 Wharf Street, Queenscliff Vic 3225.

Phone: 03 5258 3440